WIGS Calendar Sale

Starting in October, our Women’s Group will be selling a limited supply of God’s Creation Wall Calendars for 2021 as a fundraiser at $8 each. These calendars have delightful photos of God’s world matched beautifully with NIV Bible verses. They also make great Christmas gifts! Watch your bulletin for details.

LWML Fall Retreat

The Lakeshore Zone LWML Fall Retreat is currently scheduled for Saturday, October 3. Instead of the planned in-person gathering, the board is working hard at putting together an alternative retreat, so save the date and watch your bulletin (and this post) for any detailed updates.

Class, “Learn From Me”

All members and friends who are interested in learning about or brushing up on what Lutherans believe are welcome to attend this 13-week course. Classes meet Wednesdays at 3pm in the church library. For more information, see Pastor Koppel.

Zoom With A Missionary

“Zoom With A Missionary” is an online chat series recently started by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation. To pre-register and join an upcoming chat, go to Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s Facebook page and click the link provided in their post. Previous episodes are available on (search for Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s site) in the LHF playlist “Zoom Around The World”.

Fellowship Potluck & Church Picnic

Let’s get together and have some fun! Our Board of Family Life is planning a fall picnic for members and friends of Our Redeemer. Mark your calendar and join us on Sunday, September 13 at 1:00pm at Lake Harbor Park (4635 Lake Harbor Road, Norton Shores – Please note this is NOT the same park as last year). Please bring a dish to share and your own table service. Frisbees, yard games, etc. are welcome. Hot dogs, water, lemonade, and hand sanitizer will be provided.

UPDATE 2020-09-13: The picnic was a great success! Twelve people were able to attend. We were, of course, in observance of distancing, spread out across 5 picnic tables. At first, the weather was a bit cloudy, but later on the clouds parted enough to let the sun shine through. Ken T. grilled hot dogs, Bob S. provided a little entertainment with his concertina, and the guess-the-count games were won by Dawn F. and Nancy H.

New Practices at ORLC re:Covid

For now, Our Redeemer is utilizing new practices for the health of all attending worship. Located in the Narthex are hand sanitizer, bulletins, attendance cards, and pew envelopes. Please note that the Offering plates will not be passed during the service at this time. Offerings, attendance cards, prayer requests, address updates, etc. may be placed in the offering plate found in the Narthex. Face coverings, although recommended, are not required for worship. If you would feel more comfortable with one and have forgotten yours, disposable masks are available in the Narthex. Remember to practice good social distancing habits both in the Narthex and in the Sanctuary, and avoid physical contact with others where possible. For those who need to commune from the pews, please sit on the left (pulpit) side of the center aisle facing a sticky note.